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Demogronomics - The Documentary UPGRADE ONE: CUSTOMIZED LOGO**

Have your logo open and close the video. 


It will be the first and last thing your clients see when you show them the video.  Your logo flies into the screen with the opening music, and appears as the final shot in a dramatic ending. 


In addition, you can have the end logo be accompanied by text displaying your URL so clients and prospects know where to go next for more information.


Logo Upgrade Cost:  $895.00

Demogronomics - The Documentary UPGRADE TWO:  CUSTOMIZED LOGO** AND GRAPHICS***

Your Logo plus up to three full screen graphics.


Again your logo will open and close the video, but now you have the option to add up to three full screen graphics at the beginning or end of the video. 


***These graphics can include anything you want:  disclaimers, personal messages, specific information about your services, specific information about the region you serve, pictures of your team, your office, even a picture of your family vacation.  It's up to you. 


Just remember our team will review all content to make sure it's consistent with our mission and message.


Logo and Graphics Upgrade Cost:  $1,495.00

Demogronomics - The Documentary UPGRADE THREE:  SPECIAL INTRODUCTION

In addition to including your logo and graphics, this option includes a brief introduction with Mike and Ken speaking directly to your clients and prospects on your behalf. 


The script would be partially customizable, so you control portions of the content. 


Again, any such content will be reviewed by our team.  An example of the script Mike and Ken would read on camera: 


"As a top advisor in the Portland community, Bill Johnson joined our Demogronomics Team in early 2015.  Bill is well known in the Portland area as an advisor who keeps an eye on the big picture, but also has the ability to focus in on each client's specific needs to make the most of his or her financial plan."


Special Introduction Upgrade Cost:  $2,495.00


(this upgrade also includes the Logo and Graphics package)

Demogronomics - The Documentary UPGRADE FOUR:  BE A PART OF THE PRODUCTION!

This is our big-ticket item. 


Our team sets up a limited number of production dates throughout the year, offering you a chance to meet with us and be featured in the video. 


You will be featured along side Ken and Mike in the introduction and closing shot of the video.  As part of this upgrade, you will also have a reservation at one of our evening events, which is a special dinner and program for our VIP clients. 


This will give you a chance to meet our experts and talk with them one-on-one, pick their brains, and share your insights from your observations in our industry. 


Spaces for this option are limited.


Full Production Upgrade Cost:  $5,495.00


(this upgrade also includes the Logo and Graphics package)

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I would prefer to purchase the base license video with no upgrades!  Thanks!





Your upgrade fee will cover multiple videos.  Current videos with options for customization are The Recruiter, The Video Brochure, The Documentary, and Legacy of Market Fear.  If you choose to customize with any of our upgrade packages, your selected upgrade will apply to all applicable videos you license.


*All customized content will be reviewed by our team to ensure it is consistent with our mission and message.


**Logos must be high-resolution files.  We recommend Photoshop (PSD) or Illustrator (AI) files.  We will also accept PNG, BMP, and JPG files.  Please make sure the logo is sent exactly how you want it to appear in the video.


***NOTE:  Due to volume of creative content, our team cannot create specific art for your full screen graphics.  All graphics must be sourced by you.  This includes everything from simple text, images, branded art, and layered content.  If you need help creating this content, we can refer you to digital artists with whom we work closely, who can build your graphics and send the final products directly to us once you've approved them.  All files you send to us should be 1920x1080 (HD).  We recommend Photoshop (PSD) files.

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