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“Nothing but rave reviews following your presentation today! Our Leaders Conference attendees were delighted at the content and your enthusiasm, and many reported to me that they felt energized knowing what they learned.”



Dean Lambert

Homesteaders Life Company

“Ken was absolutely fantastic !!! In more than 30 years of hiring speakers and hundreds of events….he was one of the best ever! He was funny, entertaining, optimistic and enlightening. He just made everyone feel better about a lot of things in our country.”


Judi Sullivan

Community Bankers of Michigan

“By the way – Ken was our highest rated speaker (again) for this event!! The guys loved him and were in complete awe. As always, thank you again for working with us. He’s amazing.”

Brandi Roberge

Great Dane Trailers

“You were a fantastic keynote speaker. Your message, materials, and delivery were superb! Our attendees and I enjoyed and appreciated learning more about the demographics and how it relates to and impacts agriculture. The books were also a hit. You made me look good as an economist and I appreciate that, it was a big job!”

Clark Seavert

NW Agribusiness

“Over the course of many classes I have used “The Age Curve” as a reference in many different research contexts. Most recently it was a topic of Diversity Management and how to gain a competitive edge through managing a diverse workforce well. My big ending in this case was how dramatically the focus of “diversity” will shift to generational diversity and some of the implications to management. Your work is always a great closer.”

Senior Manager

Mercedes Benz

"I became aware of Mike's research back in 1998, during his first BARRON's interview, where just about all of his projections came to pass in the markets.  Then, I saw the value of his research again in late 1999, in an institutional piece we receive weekly at the bank.  Again, his data proved to be very valuable to the investor in preparing them for important upcoming trends.  He has consistently kept our readers ahead of the pitfalls and aware of upcoming sector changes."



Dr. Ed Yardeni

Founder, Yardeni Research

"We at Alan Steel Asset Management in Scotland ( Independent Financial Advisors ) were lucky to come across Mike Williams' research back in 1998 , in our search for contrarian investment views. Since then we have had Mike over to Scotland and London a few times over the years to present to clients, business ,and media contacts.


Such is his knowledge, passion and flawless communication skills he is a favourite of those lucky enough to have heard him speak , and his regular written views are appreciated by investors and clients looking for guidance as antidotes to the constant negatives we hear too much of nowadays. Perhaps that's why we are often asked when he's coming over again.


And I'm lucky enough now to have him as a friend too."

Mr. Alan Steel

Alan Steel Asset Management

"A rare wealth management savant with a dual sense of humour and humility, Mike Williams epitomises Warren Buffett's tenet of turning complex concepts into digestible truths. The Chicago-based Genesis Asset Management founder and managing partner is a candid market commentator who enchants business leaders and high net worth individuals the world over with his "five most dangerous words", warnings about buying into the media's "red ink" and enduring contrarian perspective that lifts you up with one hand, and offers you an emotional pack of Tums with the other. And like many of the world's top advisers, one of his greatest assets is his refusal to acknowledge his own strength. Ignore his insights at your peril." 


Mr. Ed Emerson

Editor & Managing Director, HNW Magazine

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