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Demography + Economics = Demogronomics

Schedule Your Speaking Engagement

Ken and Mike are both available for your speaking engagement needs.  Bringing dynamic and far reaching economic insights to your team is their goal.  


You will find them both to be very engaging and your audience, team members, investors, partners and clients will leave with a new sense of just how important demographics can be.


The result?  Better understandings, keen vision and a robust view of the opportunity ahead for decades to come. 


Please take a moment to provide your information below.  Let us know who your audience is and what your goals are for the engagement.  Please be as detailed as you can.  Know that we are not in the business of selling any information so your contact data will be secure and confidential as will all other communications between us.  


We will call you for a private review after we have received your comments.  We look forward to being of service and speaking with you.

Success! Your email was received. We will be back to you very shortly. Thanks for your time. Your message has been received.

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