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As the video above covers, the breadth and volume of services available to you goes far beyond our unique video productions.  They are all designed to provide in-depth, real-time global demographic viewpoints, research and planning tools.  These can ultimately help you with effective team decisions as it relates to investment strategies, portfolio reviews, asset functions, business growth and capex and finally, overall capital protection.


The platinum membership includes quarterly calls and webinars for market, economic and global reviews, portfolio and sector analysis, daily morning notes and weekly and monthly research reports from Mike and Ken. These channels are all designed to keep you aware of the larger waves of change shifting around the globe.


Designed to benefit your entire family office team, we have noted below a series of very useful tools to help you take advantage of the massive demographic shifts ahead.  It is vital to understand what areas of the global economy will feel tailwinds from these changes - and which sectors will more likely represent areas of risk as your capital decisions move forward.  


There is a reason we missed the tech bubble, the housing bubble and the energy bubble.  There is a reason the "China slowdown" did not surprise our clients.  Read on.  


Video Content in Production

The Legacy of Market Fears










In this video, we visually highlight the historical cost of fear.   By understanding the major demographic waves currently in place and set to unfold in the future, better asset management can be attained.    


We show in vivid formatting how one can logically take a look back at how the market behaved during important times in our recent and extended history, and how news outlets, mass media and the public reacted. You will be able to better focus on the larger waves at hand which ultimately drive more productive capital and risk decisions.


The benefit of hindsight can offer real and valuable foresight.


*currently in production


Ken and Mike's Presentation Library










A composite of past speeches, delivered to huge audiences all over the world in the past year.  This video distills more than 60 hours of presentations down to key demographic points that affect everyone.  Consider it an extended TED Talk. 


This will help you and your team understand why this dynamic information and research is in such high demand from significant investors and business leaders around the globe and why it will continue to grow in importance.


*currently in post-production


Portfolio Updates and On-going Research


As the economic baton is passed from the Baby Boom to Generation Y and then Generation Z, our production and research team will continue to expand and update your video library and the significant research base and sector analysis which supports it all.


We will provide you a regular series of research and content tools to back up, support and expand your significant video library.  Platinum Members will also receive the following in their membership portal:


Quarterly Member Review and Update Webinars for 2016


Quarterly Demogronomics Newsletter

Mike and Ken's Morning Notes


Receive the latest information and analysis directly to your inbox.  When there is market news, economic shifts that affect you or global events that will have an immediate--or eventual--impact on the markets, you and your team will have them at your fingertips.    


Having this information has been very productive for clients in the past as fewer capital mistakes tend to be made during emotional events in the marketplace.


Premium Annual Membership


Our most significant breadth of services covers all aspects of the waves of change ahead.  Private Membership provides you and your team an annual license to our entire video library (and all annual updates), all market research, economic reviews, webinars, quarterly review calls along with portfolio updates and sector analysis.  


This foundation of services provides far-reaching capital preservation and risk management support tools for your planning, investing and risk management needs.

Your Member Services

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