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For CPA Advisors Only

First of all, thanks very much for your time...

Here is your promised FREE download covering a written overview of the services as it relates to our planning software (DOL prepped for your files in advance) and economic/wealth management perspectives we share with top advisors around the country.

We have also included information below to help you and your team gain a sense of why these services are changing perspectives.  These items expand your capacity and in turn, can lead your clients effectively toward their planning goals.  The end result?  Expanding revenues and productivity at the practice level.  

This can be implemented and controlled internally by your team - or we can do so via a joint venture where we help you build these revenues together.

Why Demogronomics and Simplicitree?  


Simple:  They are designed to help you in many relevant channels:

  • To help keep your clients on the leading edge of change

  • To help you expand your practice through solid education tools

  • To help you capture assets and expand services in a competitive world requiring differentiation

  • To help you - help your clients stay on their pathway in the midst of the media storm

This deep library of tools helps you build

leading-edge position and practice expansion

in your marketplace.

We have provided two sample Simplicitree retirement plans below.   It is also productive to cover this on a shared screen presentation together.  Doing so can provide you a strong sense of the power it places in your hands when guiding clients.  

You will see how easily these plans can be presented to clients, cutting through a vast array of confusion and simplifying their planning goals.  It also places you in a strong position to define effective implementation steps toward those goals - with DOL back-up in place for your files.

Sample Plan 1            Sample Plan 2

More Helpful Information For You

Please review the elements below and feel free to contact us with any questions:

In summary, advisors using these tools are seeing consistent practice growth in the form of:

  • Significant results are being seen in capturing new prospects and assets under management.

  • Seminar setting results are substantial with many new meetings being set

  • Planning results are improving with Simplicitree planning software added to the process

  • Productivity is increasing as fears and angst fall in the advisor's client base

We look forward to discussing these benefits in our confidential review call with you soon.


Here's to your success.  Be well.

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